Scott – A True Gentleman

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I remember when Scott was born. I worked with his dad, George, at that time. Over the years I would run into them from time to time. Then a long time passed before I happened to be in Fifth-Third Bank and lo and behold, Scott was working there. We had a nice chat about his music and what he was planning to do. This was just before he embarked on the tribute tour. What struck me then and still does now, is how genuinely engaging Scott was. He always gave you his undivided attention in conversation, was completely non-judgmental and truly cared about others. Scott possessed so much talent and yet was one of the most humble people I have ever met. Never did he bring up his success unless you brought it up first. Even then he dowplayed his achievements and focused on you. Scott was a wonderful musician, and an even better man. I’ll miss those opportunities to see him and have a small chat like the one we had in the bank. But, someday we will have a chat in another place, the place where he is now, enjoying great music and waiting with open arms to welcome those yet to come.