Scott Gast, I am greatful I have had the honor to know him.

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I am married to David Hamann who worked with Scott at Fifth Third Bank. Scott was the first person Dave introduced me to because Dave thinks so much of Scott. I came to understand why, as Scott is one of the most polite and respectful young man I have ever have had the honor to know.

My special memory of Scott was, Scott was performing at the Milan Melon Festival and we went up to see him. We got there a little early so that we could talk to Scott and when he saw me he embraced me in a huge hug, lifted me up off the ground and gave me a kiss, when this was happening a group of young ladies walked by and said, man why does she get to get a kiss from Scott, I know she is not his mom, made me feel pretty special that Scott showed be so much of his unending love that he has in him for everyone he knew.

I love Scott and miss him tremendously and he is in my thought and prayers on a daily basis.