True and Talented

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I had the pleasure of working with Scott at 5/3. He was a young an of many talents. I learned he mastered the playing of at least 7 musical instruments. He knew the Lord. He was true to himself and those he called friend. I am sure he is in heaven.


May he Rest In Peace. Blessings to Melanie, Brian and George, a dear friend.

Scott – A True Gentleman

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I remember when Scott was born. I worked with his dad, George, at that time. Over the years I would run into them from time to time. Then a long time passed before I happened to be in Fifth-Third Bank and lo and behold, Scott was working there. We had a nice chat about his music and what he was planning to do. This was just before he embarked on the tribute tour. What struck me then and still does now, is how genuinely engaging Scott was. He always gave you his undivided attention in conversation, was completely non-judgmental and truly cared about others. Scott possessed so much talent and yet was one of the most humble people I have ever met. Never did he bring up his success unless you brought it up first. Even then he dowplayed his achievements and focused on you. Scott was a wonderful musician, and an even better man. I’ll miss those opportunities to see him and have a small chat like the one we had in the bank. But, someday we will have a chat in another place, the place where he is now, enjoying great music and waiting with open arms to welcome those yet to come.

Scott Gast, I am greatful I have had the honor to know him.

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I am married to David Hamann who worked with Scott at Fifth Third Bank. Scott was the first person Dave introduced me to because Dave thinks so much of Scott. I came to understand why, as Scott is one of the most polite and respectful young man I have ever have had the honor to know.

My special memory of Scott was, Scott was performing at the Milan Melon Festival and we went up to see him. We got there a little early so that we could talk to Scott and when he saw me he embraced me in a huge hug, lifted me up off the ground and gave me a kiss, when this was happening a group of young ladies walked by and said, man why does she get to get a kiss from Scott, I know she is not his mom, made me feel pretty special that Scott showed be so much of his unending love that he has in him for everyone he knew.

I love Scott and miss him tremendously and he is in my thought and prayers on a daily basis.

Scott was a class act..

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Scott was a class act (both as a musician and as a person) and he was taken from this world too soon. He was always kind to me and he supported my music..

We spent many Saturday mornings in Randy’s studio talking about music and working on the graphics for my band’s cd – if you have a Feeder Mice cd you will see there is button that says “Scott Gast – Graphic Design” and another one that says “Cd Layout: A.R.S.” (that stands for Andy, Randy, and Scott) in the cd booklet ..

I remember asking Scott what I owed him for the work he did and he never would let me give him $.. it meant a lot to me that he supported my music.

My memories of Scott Gast

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I remember when my brother first started playing with Scott Gast I Was blown away by his talent and charm. He was definitely a top notch performer. Always had a large group of fans. His shows were very fun to go to. He even has a kindhearted awesome dad George.

I truly miss seeing Scott with all my heart. I cannot believe he is gone. He had one of the best personalities I’ve ever been around. Very smart and successful. I am glad I have Bryan and George to talk to and keep Scott’s spirit alive.

My memories and good times with Scott will always be in my heart.

My Little Brother Scott

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I first met Scott when he was a teenager. His love of music was so evident. He asked me to come out & see his band. Scott was a diamond in the rough. All he needed was time to come into his own.

Years later, Scott, Paul Letherer & I, formed Start Me Up – the Ultimate Rolling Stones Tribute. Scott was always so humble. He even had a mutual friend call me, & the friend said Scott wanted to audition for Start Me Up, when I asked, “why didn’t Scott call me himself??”, the friend said, “Scott was afraid you might say no!!” So, I called Scott & told him he was in!!

We then got Jeff Russell & Jess Mann, & our lineup was complete. Start Me Up headlines concerts all over the world. It is the best band any of us have ever been in, & thru Start Me Up, Scott was able to live out his dreams!

Our first gig was in Alpena, MI. As 2500 people piled into the venue, we were in our air conditioned RV, eating & relaxing. Well, all except Scott! Then someone came up to me & said I needed to talk to Scott. I go in the back of the RV & ask Scott, “What’s wrong??” Scott says, “I think I’m going to throw up!!” He said he was “nervous”. I said, “you sing at gigs all the time!!” He said, “not like this!! I play gigs back home to 100 friends in a bar! There’s 2500 people out there to see us & this is our first gig!!!!!” Well, when Scott hit the stage, He Owned IT!! Scott continued to get nervous before our gigs, but, when we hit the stage, both he & the band, were always AMAZING!!

Our average gig, we would headline to 5000 – 6000 people, not bad! But when we played in Nicaragua to 15,000, & then Honduras to 100,000 people, that’s when things really got interesting! Honduras was our final gig with Scott, on Sept 27, 2014. We had a police escort, to & from our concert. All the way to the gig, as the rest of us are sitting in our seats relaxing, Scott was standing up, looking out the windows, watching our police escort & saying, “This Is Awesome!!”, over & over, with that BIG smile of his!! Our concert was shown live, on National TV, & then reaired all night long! There were so many people at our concert, that both the police AND the military had to be there! After our concert, there were screaming girls everywhere! At first they just wanted pictures with us. After a while, they were pulling on every part of us that they could grab! The police said they couldn’t control the crowd anymore & HAD to get us out of there. So, as the police are pulling girls off of us, I look at Scott & he says to me, “No, I don’t want to go, I Love This!!” Ha, that’s my boy!!!

Scott was the best singer I ever worked with. He was a total rock star on stage, & the sweetest, kindest, most humble guy off stage. So much integrity. He was our little brother, we looked out for him like a little brother, & we loved him like a little brother. When we were on the road, Scott ALWAYS called me every morning, “you wanna get breakfast brother?!?!?” Scott always told me that I was his favorite guitarist, & I always told Scott that he was my favorite singer. The best part about that, is that we meant it & it was true. We loved Start Me Up & we loved each other. It is THE most PERFECT band any of us had ever been in. We have kept Start Me Up together, because that is exactly what Scott would want. We still play all over the world & keep Scott’s memory alive, everywhere we go.

I knew that Scott was special, even as a teenager. He was the real deal & it was a pleasure to watch him truly come into his own & live out his dreams, by singing with us. I miss Scott so much & think about him everyday. I’m so proud of our friendship & accomplishments. Besides, who else from Castalia, or my home town, is ever going to headline to 100,000 people?!?! See Scott, I told you we would do it & we did it!!!

I Love You Brother…Forever in our Heart….Joey O (Your Favorite Guitarist).

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Erie County Fair

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Scott was an amazing person. I am involved with the Erie County Fair and he performed for us. This was a tremendous success. The crowd was filled with many fans old, young, male and female. The girls really enjoyed the music and Scott that after they were done the girls all ran onto the stage to get by Scott. He enjoyed performing as much as we enjoyed listening to him. He was amazing inside as well as on the outside. He is one of a kind and is greatly missed


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I, (Duke Hunt) have a wonderful memory of Scottie…here’s the story…

I was having a bad day, feeling so upset with my life that I became suicidal and was going to jump into Sandusky Bay.   I told Scottie what I was going to do, who at that time was visiting his Dad at Musicians’ Alley.   I continued towards the water and before I had time to think about my attempt Scottie shows up as well as the Sandusky Police.   Scottie was able to talk me, asking me not to be suicidal.   So after talking with Scottie for awhile I decided not to commit suicide.   SCOTTIE SAVED MY LIFE THAT VERY DAY!   If it weren’t for Scottie being at the right place at the right time I wouldn’t be here today to tell this story. Thanks Scottie.

Till we meet again…….R.I.P. SCOTTIE