Scott Gast

April 13, 1984 – November 2 ,2014

Welcome to the web site dedicated to the memory and lasting legacy of Scott Gast.

This page was created in Scott’s honor for his family, friends and fans to come together in one central location to share memories of how he touched our lives. When we know someone, we naturally focus on what that person meant to us and how they impacted our life. We are often unaware of how that same person influenced other lives.

This web site is for everyone who knew and loved Scott to share stories, fond memories and funny moments. Scott touched hundreds of lives by being a friend, musician, banker and more but regardless of the “role” he played, he always stayed true to himself. He was genuine with everyone he met and this is why people enjoyed being around him. Please take a few moments to visit this page to celebrate Scott’s life.

We hope to continue to add more stories and photos. If you have a special story about Scott, please submit your memories here.  Scott always seemed focused on the positive and he would want us to do the same. These wonderful stories are a source of healing and comfort.

Thank you for sharing and supporting the memory of Scott Gast.