My Memories of Scott live back when…

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Most of my memories of Scott live back when we were both much younger.  His Dad and my Dad own Musician’s Alley, a music store in downtown Sandusky, and we grew up running around their shop.  I remember playing in the back storage rooms where the customers were not allowed (I’m not quite sure we were allowed either to be honest) and I even remember sitting in on some of his first guitar lessons with Fred.  I would often go into Fred’s studio and listen to his students play and even as a young boy you could see Scott’s love of music.  

Scott and I also went to the same school, Margaretta, until my family moved while I was in high school.  Scott was a year older than I was, but we would pass each other in the hallway and he always had a smile and kind word!  After our move, Scott and I lost touch, but we stayed relevant in each other’s lives through stories our Dads would share.  As everyone knows, Scott’s musical talent grew and the last I heard he was “living the dream,” surrounded by those who shared his love of music. I often wonder where your life would have led you, Scott, but in all my wondering I know exactly where it did: your talent (and that smile of yours) was used to lift the spirits of those who needed it the most.  
– Kathleen