Scotty was such an easy going guy

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Hello, First I’d like to share with you that Scotty was such an easy going guy in every way possible and was blessed with a beautiful voice.

My special memory is not of Scott singing, even though I’ve been many places where he perfectly perform with his band, my time with your awesome son was at the BP gas station on Hayes Ave. We both where in line paying for gas and etc..and an older Elderly man was in front of us and was short $2.14 from buying gas & his milk. Scott didn’t think twice and said that he would cover the remaining amount for him and the elderly gentleman turned around and gave thanks to him by shaking his hand and said May God bless you son…And I thought to myself, Wow! not to many young men would step up to help others in the time of need and I said out loud too, Yes…May God bless you young man. He looked towards me and said “trickle effect”… Absolutely, I couldn’t agree more with him then & now. As the old saying goes: Treat people the way you want to be treated. So with that being said, everyone treated Scott with respect because he gave everyone respect.

Many thanks for letting me share with you my special memory of your son, And I’ll never forget him. God Bless You All. XOXO