Scott was an inspiration to others

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I want to share with you the inspiration that Scott provided people.

Several years ago there was young boy – Luke Halsey – from Port Clinton, Ohio. He was six and some odd months old when he told his parents he wanted to play the guitar. They considered guitar lessons as a gift for his seventh birthday and went to Musician’s Alley to inquire. There Luke saw a poster of the CocoBeanos on the wall and pointed to Scott and said ” I want to be like him.” Two years later, Luke and his family went to see the CocoBeanons perform in Sandusky.

Arriving early, they watched the band set up. George had told Scott about Luke so when he was told the aspiring musician was there, Scott quite what he was doing, walked over and talked with him – providing advice and encouragement. Before Scott got back to setting up up the equipment, he handed Luke his guitar and said “Play because you love to play.”

Years passed. Luke heeded his advice practicing and perfecting his playing skills. Just month before Scott’s passing the two would bump into each other again at Musician’s Alley. Scott remember Luke and the two talked for a while… .about life, music and performing for others.

Scott touched many lives during his short time on Earth – and his efforts will be remembered for years to come!