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As a son of an incredibly talented musician, I have always had a respect for those individuals that were blessed with the ability to play an instrument or sing. Growing up in Sandusky, Ohio, I had the opportunity so see my father play at Sawmill Creek dozens of times and was always enamored with the way his band could not only perform but also their uncanny ability to entertain, no matter who was in the audience; Scott had this ability also. I have seen Scott perform dozens of times and constantly talked about how “legendary” the CoCoBeanOs were to my wife since she had never seen them play because she lived in North Canton. Once we were married and she moved to Huron, she had the ability to see Scott play a few times and admitted that he lived up to the hype.

On November 1, 2014, the CoCoBeanOs were literally playing in our backyard at Sawmill and Lisa and I could not wait to see them play. With the patrons of Sawmill typically being older, I was intrigued to see how he would entertain the spectators; to no one’s surprise the band was incredible and Scott entertained as always. I had a chance to speak to Scott during a break and I still recall how humble he was and appreciative that we came out to support him. That night started off no different for Scott – he was showcasing his million dollar smile and entertaining everyone in attendance, especially his very proud parents that were present. I remember talking to his father George that night and you could see how proud he was of his boys.

Unfortunately, the night ended much different than any other night and one that will never be forgotten. My heart truly goes out to everyone that knew Scott and especially his family. Scott’s impact on all those lives that he touched will never be forgotten and his legendary presence will carry on forever. Rest in Peace Scott.


Eric Kochendoerfer