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I, (Duke Hunt) have a wonderful memory of Scottie…here’s the story…

I was having a bad day, feeling so upset with my life that I became suicidal and was going to jump into Sandusky Bay.   I told Scottie what I was going to do, who at that time was visiting his Dad at Musicians’ Alley.   I continued towards the water and before I had time to think about my attempt Scottie shows up as well as the Sandusky Police.   Scottie was able to talk me, asking me not to be suicidal.   So after talking with Scottie for awhile I decided not to commit suicide.   SCOTTIE SAVED MY LIFE THAT VERY DAY!   If it weren’t for Scottie being at the right place at the right time I wouldn’t be here today to tell this story. Thanks Scottie.

Till we meet again…….R.I.P. SCOTTIE