One trait of Scott

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One trait of Scott that I have well documented was how much of a goofball he was. He wasn’t afraid to have fun and act silly even in front of large crowds. One instance of that was when we traveled to Florida on spring break.

It was actually our first trip together in the 3 years we dated. Scott’s inner child was in full force as he showed me around Disney and Universal Studios. He had been there numerous times before but this was a first for me…first time in Florida and my first time at the parks. He had everything planned out on what to see and where to eat, even booking reservations ahead of time. (This also shows just how generous and thoughtful Scott was…but I’m trying to focus on just this one trait ha). We met disney characters, went to shows, rode rides, and Scott even took part in a street play at Epcot. (I don’t think the actors were expecting Scott to be so into it haha). His goofiness, thoughtfulness, and generosity made it a very special trip and memory for me…One that I will forever treasure…

~ Devon Gale (Turton)

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