Memories of Scott

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I had the wonderful pleasure of getting to see Scott play throughout the years that he was in the Cocobeanos. As I grew older, I watched Scott and Bryan play onstage, and I was inspired to learn guitar too. I took lessons from Fred Kochendoerfer, and every time I went into the Musician’s Alley, I looked at the posters for the Cocobeanos’ shows, thinking to myself that maybe someday, I would be as good at my instrument as they are. My friends and I always got so excited when there was a Cocobeanos show nearby, and the picture I included shows (from left to right) Trish Yates, Scott, me, and Anna Tanaka after one of the Cocobeanos’ shows. Scott always knew that I was a big fan, and he was so kind to me. He always recognized my friends and I, and he always came over to say hi after shows. Whenever I pick up my guitar to play, I think of Scott, and he’s someone who I’ll always look up to. Allie Lenyo