Many memories, especially as a student

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I have many memories of Scott and they include watching him and his bands perform over the years. I enjoyed those performances very much. The memory I’d like to share with you is those of Scott as a student of mine at Firelands College. Scott was in my human resources and management classes. He was a great student and the same enthusiasm he showed on stage he brought to the classroom. Our class slot was Thursday evenings from 7-10 pm, and as you can imagine not the most productive time of the week. There was an emphasis on coming to class prepared to discuss the material planned for that evening. We began each class with an informal discussion about how the day’s news affects the workplace. It was amazing how Scott could take the challenges of managing a band and weave it into the discussion. We all enjoyed those stories and I still smile when I think about them. Again, Scott’s enthusiasm was infectious and in return part of our class was an update from Scott on where he was performing next, new songs, and new adventures. The class really appreciated Scott and many mentioned this in their evaluation of the class at the end of the semester. Actually I think I benefited from Scott’s presence as the students evaluation of the professor were very good! Thank you for this opportunity to share some thoughts on Scott!

James A. Sennish
Vice President, Human Resources
Firelands Regional Medical Center
1111 Hayes Avenue
Sandusky, OH 44870