I will never forget Scott and the CocoBeanOs

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I’ll never forget the Scott and the CocoBeanos – started taking charge of the local music scene at such a young age.. We were funtunate enough to have the guys have a bit of a tradition of a timeslot for our project – Ohio Bike Week. It seemed that every year our event grew; so did the talent of the band and we were a very good fit for each other… Friday night at the World Famous Block Party – just before sunset they would do their thing. We will miss that tradition – I often forget that many musicians have “day jobs”

I would often see Scott when doing my banking at Key, everytime I’d be surprised by the feeling of seeing him there (because I was so use to seeing him in different context) Anyway – I always loved seeing his contageous smile…

Aimee and I were at Sawmill Creek and had a room for an event the night Scott was taken from us. My son was there with us – so I chose to go back to the room early and Aimee stayed out and went to the lounge and caught the last part of their last show. I remember distinctly her coming back to the room and her telling me how taken she was with finally meeting Scott, talking to him after the gig and making his aquaintence after all of these years. The next morning we heard the news.

-We recently moved to a home where I get of the exit at Naigle Road – naturally; I think of Scott everytime I get on/off the road. I know he’s watching us and over us.

May God Bless you and your family George,

Steve & Aimee Ernst