I had the pleasure of meeting Scott

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I had the pleasure of meeting Scott when I was in High School. I was a freshman who had just taken an interest in photography and who had a love of classic rock music and going to local concerts with friends.   I was able to mix my love of music, socializing, and photography when I would go to Cocobeano concerts in the summer.   Scott let my friends and I come up on stage a couple times to sing “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey and we had an absolute blast. 

Scott also loved checking out my photography and always loved my photos.   I always felt so cool when he would make my photos his profile pictures.

Scott was just a kind hearted person, you could really tell that he cared about his fans. I felt like not just a fan, but one of his friends whenever I would go to concerts to photograph and enjoy the music.

All of the band members recognized me from photographing so many concerts before, often they would goof off and pose for me. I only wish that I could take photos of a Cocobeanos concert one last time.


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