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I have a few pics I like to share there are not enough words known to man that describe the deep love & friendship I had with Scott He always took time so speak and yes take pictures with me He will be forever loved

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Scotty was such an easy going guy

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Hello, First I’d like to share with you that Scotty was such an easy going guy in every way possible and was blessed with a beautiful voice.

My special memory is not of Scott singing, even though I’ve been many places where he perfectly perform with his band, my time with your awesome son was at the BP gas station on Hayes Ave. We both where in line paying for gas and etc..and an older Elderly man was in front of us and was short $2.14 from buying gas & his milk. Scott didn’t think twice and said that he would cover the remaining amount for him and the elderly gentleman turned around and gave thanks to him by shaking his hand and said May God bless you son…And I thought to myself, Wow! not to many young men would step up to help others in the time of need and I said out loud too, Yes…May God bless you young man. He looked towards me and said “trickle effect”… Absolutely, I couldn’t agree more with him then & now. As the old saying goes: Treat people the way you want to be treated. So with that being said, everyone treated Scott with respect because he gave everyone respect.

Many thanks for letting me share with you my special memory of your son, And I’ll never forget him. God Bless You All. XOXO

I had the pleasure of knowing Scott for a long time

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I had the pleasure of knowing Scott for a long time. Ever since he was “little guy” playing guitar just like his dad. I remember as Scott got older he was becoming more and more committed and focussed to not only playing the guitar but wanting to master it, and wow did he ever! Over the years He matured into a wonderful caring and giving young man. He had a way of always putting a smile on your face. As the one of the members of the Cocobeano’s he was able to share his talent with the community and ultimately with the world when he joined the Rolling Stones tribute band “Start Me Up”. He was always a pleasure and joy to watch on stage and also off stage. I’m sure his parents George and Melanie and also his brother Brian are very proud of the young man he became. I am also proud that I can say I watched this “little guy” over the years grow and mature into the wonderful young man he became. My wife Kim and I send much love to Scott’s family and friends. You are never forgotten Scott. Play on with the Angels young man!

Lee and Kim Mazza.
Scottsdale, Arizona

Many memories, especially as a student

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I have many memories of Scott and they include watching him and his bands perform over the years. I enjoyed those performances very much. The memory I’d like to share with you is those of Scott as a student of mine at Firelands College. Scott was in my human resources and management classes. He was a great student and the same enthusiasm he showed on stage he brought to the classroom. Our class slot was Thursday evenings from 7-10 pm, and as you can imagine not the most productive time of the week. There was an emphasis on coming to class prepared to discuss the material planned for that evening. We began each class with an informal discussion about how the day’s news affects the workplace. It was amazing how Scott could take the challenges of managing a band and weave it into the discussion. We all enjoyed those stories and I still smile when I think about them. Again, Scott’s enthusiasm was infectious and in return part of our class was an update from Scott on where he was performing next, new songs, and new adventures. The class really appreciated Scott and many mentioned this in their evaluation of the class at the end of the semester. Actually I think I benefited from Scott’s presence as the students evaluation of the professor were very good! Thank you for this opportunity to share some thoughts on Scott!

James A. Sennish
Vice President, Human Resources
Firelands Regional Medical Center
1111 Hayes Avenue
Sandusky, OH 44870

Some Memories of Scott

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1. Scoundrels memories: Linda Costanzo was very ill and she was my partner at Scoundrels. Linda was my mother and would rarely come out of the office because of the oxygen she was on. We lost Linda about 20 months ago. She needed a lung transplant. Scott would always take time to come back to the office and sit with Linda and talk. This meant a lot to her. She was very fond of Scott. I respected Scott for doing this.

2. Blind Pig memory. This is one personal to me. Scott knew my love of music and after shows at the Pig he would come up and talk for hours while I finished all my closing work. I miss those conversations. Scott was the nicest and most caring person I have ever dealt with in this business. He is truly missed.


Justin Costanzo

Dive Bar Cleveland
1214 West 6th St
Cleveland, OH 44113

I had the pleasure of meeting Scott

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I had the pleasure of meeting Scott when I was in High School. I was a freshman who had just taken an interest in photography and who had a love of classic rock music and going to local concerts with friends.   I was able to mix my love of music, socializing, and photography when I would go to Cocobeano concerts in the summer.   Scott let my friends and I come up on stage a couple times to sing “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey and we had an absolute blast. 

Scott also loved checking out my photography and always loved my photos.   I always felt so cool when he would make my photos his profile pictures.

Scott was just a kind hearted person, you could really tell that he cared about his fans. I felt like not just a fan, but one of his friends whenever I would go to concerts to photograph and enjoy the music.

All of the band members recognized me from photographing so many concerts before, often they would goof off and pose for me. I only wish that I could take photos of a Cocobeanos concert one last time.


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Scott was a major part of our childhood

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Scott was a major part of our childhood, and was probably the closest thing we had to an older brother growing up. Anything he liked, we would like also, be it from X-Men to Dragonball Z.

We all loved the Beatles, and wanted to form our own version of the them, where Bryan would be Paul, Jordan would be George, Adam would be Ringo, Kassidy the tambourine girl, and Scott would be John.

Some days are tough, but it is comforting to know that Scott is in a better place now.

– Adam, Jordan, and Kassidy


I remember Scott fondly, as a very respectful young man.

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Hi George, Attached is a poster from one of CoCobeanOs performances at Shifters.

I remember Scott fondly, as a very respectful young man. What impressed me the most was learning of his involvement in the Shoe Box Christian band.

The first time I heard of CoCocobeanOs was when they performed at one of our Huron River Hog Club events. I believe Scott was still in high school at that time.

Over the years the little gifts, such as a basket of flowers, that were given to me as thanks after one of their performances always warmed my heart.

George I know you and Melanae were always, and still today, filled with pride over your son Scott, both on and off stage. Understandably so.

God Bless, Julie Roeder

coco beanos poster

One trait of Scott

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One trait of Scott that I have well documented was how much of a goofball he was. He wasn’t afraid to have fun and act silly even in front of large crowds. One instance of that was when we traveled to Florida on spring break.

It was actually our first trip together in the 3 years we dated. Scott’s inner child was in full force as he showed me around Disney and Universal Studios. He had been there numerous times before but this was a first for me…first time in Florida and my first time at the parks. He had everything planned out on what to see and where to eat, even booking reservations ahead of time. (This also shows just how generous and thoughtful Scott was…but I’m trying to focus on just this one trait ha). We met disney characters, went to shows, rode rides, and Scott even took part in a street play at Epcot. (I don’t think the actors were expecting Scott to be so into it haha). His goofiness, thoughtfulness, and generosity made it a very special trip and memory for me…One that I will forever treasure…

~ Devon Gale (Turton)

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